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Agridata - The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers  
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Welcome to Agridata

...to Agridata, an easy to use computer program that will make your livestock recording chores much simpler - saving you both time and money. Agridata is a computer program which provides you with the simplest and most comprehensive way to keep your livestock records.

The program is suitable for beef, dairy and sheep enterprises, no matter what the size. This program provides a complete recording system for every aspect of your livestock business:
  • Records details of stock from birth to slaughter and cross checks them with the BCMS
  • Records all stock movements
  • Records veterinary and medicine treatments
  • Records feed delivered and feed fed
  • Records field data including treatments, sprays and soil tests
  • Includes Agridata traceability system for easy transfer of complete history between buyers and sellers of cattle
  • Allows passport applications and movements to BCMS via e-mail and upload
  • Meets FABBL / ABM standards
  • Full EID link to Agrident APR500 data recorders
  • Regular updates are available to reflect changes in regulations - maintaining the value of your investment
  • Agridata provides invaluable management information - more than 60 reports available

Agridata is designed by professional programmers, of which many have agricultural backgrounds, with wide-ranging input from farmers. Our ability to provide you with the latest software, to reflect current rules and regulations, is second to none. We also recognise the fact that many customers of Agridata may also be novice computer users, so we strive to ensure its easy to use and accessible to all levels of expertise.

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