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Agridata - The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers  
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   Agridata - Agricultural and Farming Software for UK farmers


Getting Started with Agridata

Agridata has some powerful features that enable the farmer to be up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What computer do I need?

A computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP or above, (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (Desktop)) . Agridata will work with both 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows. The computer must have at least 512Mbs of memory, Video 1024x768 or better is required. If you are unsure that your computer specifications meet these requirements, please call us on 0844 500 2220 (local rate), and we will guide you through checking your specifications.

BCMS Download

For those of you just getting started, this will save a great deal of time and trouble. BCMS have all the details of the cattle on your holding and with your access to the Internet, you can now download these cattle details onto your computers hard disk drive. Agridata will read the details and create a record for every animal, without you having to type in all the details manually. There are screens to check that the details are correct and to record management tags and claim status. All the main details are already completed for you. They include official tag, sex, breed, date of birth, date of movement onto holding and dam details. BCMS provide you with a password, simply click on the link and follow the instructions. If you are unsure of any aspect of how this works, please call us.

Bar Code Scanning

There has been extensive development within Agridata to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Most farmers agree that once your existing herd is recorded on the computer, life becomes alot easier. This initial data entry has been a slow and painful process for many farmers who are new to computers, and the thought of having to manually enter hundreds of animals may deter some farmers. At a time when you are still getting used to the keyboard and the computer, you have a mountain of passports and hundreds of animals details to type in. Paying someone else to do the job costs yet more money but (while undoubtedly necessary), the job can be a real chore.

But Agridata has a simple,cost effective and time-saving solution to the problem...

Agridata has been modified so that by using a barcode scanner (which can be hired for the purpose if you don't normally need one) you can scan each and every passport you have. You can scan one passport every few seconds so even hundreds of cattle shouldn't take long. The long barcode at the bottom of the page on the 'cheque book' style passports contains the ear tag, sex, date of birth and breed. Older passports only contain the ear tag in the barcode.

Once the passports have been scanned, you are presented with a list of cattle on screen. Any cattle with an old style passport will need the date of birth, sex and breed typed in. For home bred cattle you can optionally type in the ear tag of each animal's dam. If you do this, Agridata will automatically create a record for the dam and add the calving to her calving history. For bought in cattle, you can optionally type in the date and place of purchase.

At this point you will be in a position to view or print out a herd register and rapidly enjoy the benefit of using Agridata.

When you start Agridata, you will then be automatically warned about cattle that requirie passports, cattle approaching 30 months, if there are any. From now on, you will only need to record details as they happen to keep all official records up to date.

The hire of the barcode scanner for two weeks costs £25 + VAT and this can be offset against the purchase cost of £145 + VAT should you decide to keep it.