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Agridata - The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers  
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   Agridata - Agricultural and Farming Software for UK farmers


Overview of Agridata

What can Agridata do?

Agridata has been programmed to assist farmers in the recording of holding information, field information, SFP information and details of beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep.

Once holding and stock details have been recorded by the computer, the production of records required by local authorities and information required by RPA, DEFRA, SEERAD and farm assurance schemes becomes quick and easy. There will be some time and effort required in recording farm and stock details as they were when you first purchased Agridata. This will be amply repaid in future when you are able to produce forms and lists at the touch of a button, rather than by hand.

Once the computer system has been set up and your holding and stock details recorded, it will only be necessary to record events as they occur, as you would with a pen and notebook. The advantage over a notebook is that records such as calving records or movement records are automatically updated by the computer without the need to enter information more than once. To print two different forms which require the same information in differing formats is quite simple using Agridata, whereas the use of any manual method would mean writing the same information out twice. Here are just some of the features and their advantages:

  • E-mail Passport Applications or Upload File to BCMS
    Saves time and increases efficiency

  • One program records beef, sheep & dairy
    Lower cost & saves time

  • Complete life record of stock including feed and veterinary records
    Full traceability for customers, farm assurance schemes and aids management decisions

  • Can print out Trading Standards movement records, RPA / DEFRA / SEERAD premium claims (Scottish Beef Calf Scheme) and farm assurance reports.
    Saves time and duplication of records

  • Reminds you when Passports are required.
    Avoids losing money and incurring penalties

  • Records field, holding data and field treatment records.
    Aids management decisions

  • Warnings issued, eg. calf details entered but no passport applied for, or withdrawal period for a drug goes beyond 30 months so animal would be unfit for human consumption.
    Saves money and hassle

  • Veterinary Medicine Cupboard - over 1000 drugs and withdrawal periods already included.
    Saves time entering data

  • Single entry for animal details, eg. record a calving and it automatically creates a calf record, adds calving details to cows history and updates official records, e.g. Herd Register.
    Saves time entering data more than once

  • Facility to import cattle from BCMS or use a barcode reader to scan ear tag numbers from passports into program
    Helps to save time, money and reduces the risks of errors

  • Automatic back-up of data & weekly reminder to back-up onto CD, memory stick, etc.
    Protects data in event of power failure, etc

  • Direct BCMS Link to BCMS
    Less paperwork, reduced postage costs

  • National Milk Records Link (floppy disc)
    Less paperwork, more time

Agridata can record, view or print:

  • Field and Holding Data
  • Passport Records
  • Suckler Cow Details
  • Dairy Cow Details
  • Calving and Movement Records
  • Veterinary Records
  • Dog, horse and other species Worming
  • Lambing Records
  • Calving Histories
  • E-mail BCMS, Markets, and other Agridata Users
  • Movement Records
  • Feed Records
  • Weight Records
  • Passports Required
  • Changes of Official Ear Tag
  • Send passport applications and movements to BCMS
  • Export many reports to Excel or Pocket Excel
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Losses
  • Barren Cows
  • Family Trees
  • Daily Feed List
  • Cattle and Sheep in Veterinary Retention
  • CAP
  • Cattle Details
  • Passport Applications
  • Movement Records
  • Flock Records
  • Calving Histories for Heifers and Suckler Cows
  • Cross check BCMS details
  • Upload Scottish Beef Calf Scheme
  • Print bar-codes for Scottish Beef Calf Scheme
  • Import weights from Tru-Test.
  • Bureau version available
  • And a lot more besides..

Agridata has been updated to make the calculation of gross margins relatively simple. Links to the Tru-Test electronic weight indicator and automatic weight gain graphs are included.

We strive to ensure Agridata is regularly updated to reflect changes in regulations, therefore maintaining the value of your investment.