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Agridata - The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers  
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   Agridata - Agricultural and Farming Software for UK farmers


Agenda 2000 and Other Features

Agridata is constantly updated to take account of changes to rules and regulations.

Barcode Scanning of Passports

Agridata users with a barcode scanner can scan passports when they are received from BCMS and Agridata will automatically check that the details on the passport match the details on the computer. This cuts time wasted on the tedious but very necessary checking of new passports.

Herd Register for Bovine Animals (Mandatory)

"Unless you can produce an accurate up-to-date herd register for inspection by authorised officials on request, you may lose premium and/or face prosecution.A computer register is a accepatable so long as it produces a register in this format" DEFRA Dec99. Agridata has been designed to produce this Herd Register in the correct format.

Other Menus and Features of Agridata

Agridata is a feature-rich program, extensively covering all aspects of Cattle and Sheep management. Below are some screenshots of some of the menus and sub-menus found within Agridata.


Setup Menu



Holding Menu