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Agridata - The livestock software program for UK beef, dairy and sheep farmers  
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   Agridata - Agricultural and Farming Software for UK farmers


Agridata Animal Menus

Agridata software maintains complete records for all animals. The program has separate menus for each type of animal - Heifers, Cows (including Dairy), Bulls and Sheep. Below are some screenshots of the Agridata animal menus, the first shot shows the general layout of the Agridata navigation bar:

Each small,black arrow on the menus below represents another hidden menu. When the cursor is placed over a subject with an arrow next to it, a new menu appears, detailing more options available under that subject. Agridata has been designed to be as comprehensive as possible and covers all aspects required in modern farming.




Dairy Cows



Unlike other farm management software, there is no need to buy "add-on" packs for sheep. Agridata can be used as a dedicated sheep program on its own, or in conjuction with cattle.